“Karen Tribe Native Elephants”

Karen Tribe Native Elephants is a Not for Profit community project

Managed by the Karen Hill Tribe Village of Mae La Kee, we situated deep in the Jungle 75 Kilometres South West of Chiang Mai. The Karen Tribe have for generations cared for and worked with Elephants. We love them and care about them deeply.

Now that elephants are no longer used in farming and forestry they have lost their economic value.

Villagers can no longer afford to keep them, and their future is in danger. The 4000 domesticated elephants in Thailand can not be returned to the Wild. There is not enough virgin jungle for them and they did not learn how to live in the wild when they grew up.

Our Mission At Karen Tribe Native Elephants is to provide our herd of elephants with a safe, secure life.

We provide the highest welfare standards in an environment as close to Nature as possible. The cost of this is huge and we can only cover it with the help of the compassionate and caring Visitors who come to share our life with our elephants. Your contribution is vital and in return we hope you will enjoy coming to know these gentle giants at a very personal level. Please come and share some time with Karen Tribe Native Elephants.


Ecotourism is the best way to safeguard these wonderful animals. What you won’t see at Mae La Kee is elephant circus acts, exploitation or profit driven management. Instead we invite you to our village to spend time with our Herd at a very personal level. Learn how to feed and care for them, experience their daily routine, and get to know the Karen tribes people who are responsible for them. This way you provide the essential security for their future. (We are a Not for Profitorganisation). The Elephants, the Karen Tribes people and you together can sustain something really valuable. A visit to Karen Tribe Native Elephants is exclusive and privileged. We restrict visitors in very small group a day, except for family groups. This ensures you spend time with your very “Own” elephant during your experience.