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Visit Karen Tribe Native Elephants for an authentic elephant experience in Chiang Mai

Elephants have always played an integral part in Thai culture and history. Elephants have been revered in Thailand for many centuries. As a tribe of people who have long resided in Thailand, the Karen people have been the main caretakers of the elephants. In living together, the Karen people believe it is important that humans and animals know how to respect, love and understand one another.

We are from the tribal Karen village, Melakee. Our tribe has been working closely with the elephants as caregivers for many decades. We have more than 10 generations of families who love, respect and care for the elephants as though they were their own family members. We specialize in the expert care of our elephants. At one point our village cared for many herds of elephants. Over the years we have been victims of the afore-mentioned chain effect and forced to sell elephants due to unfair pay. Now our village only has 7 elephants left. We have come together to help both mistreated elephants and our village by bringing the elephants back. Baby Elephants! We have baby elephants and more on the way, we are excited to announce our main priority is coming to pass.

The Difference :

We believe what is more important is the quality of time and experience you will get with the elephants as well as seeing the difference in the character of our trainers. It’s not about the quantity of people coming into our facility at a time. We do not see the elephants as business; we see them as part of our tribe, part of our family. Our goal is for you to help us in rehabilitating and repopulating the elephants, and for you to understand what a day in the Life of the Karen tribe is like.

When Visitors come to our facility we want them to leave with a different kind of feeling. Since being in Thailand, you must know elephants are held to a level of respect and love. Elephants are the proud symbol of Thailand. We do not want you to experience this as a tourist but as part of the Karen People and the Wonderful Nation of Thailand.